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You're adaptable; your CRM should be, too. Tailor your database to your specific industry needs with custom apps, modules, and fields. Select the features you want most with native and third-party integrations. Collect the precise information you need to forecast trends and grow your market presence. Get a CRM that works the way you do.

Rockhopper's configurations and customizations help you adapt your CRM to the way your team works. Control how information passes through your pipeline with custom layouts, automations, modules, and fields. Pick and choose the features you need most with native and third-party apps available through the Marketplace.
Your CRM should be as flexible and dynamic as your business demands: Ours is.

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Ease of Use

An easy-to-use CRM is a team player. It does what a CRM does best, and it does it well: it speeds connection, streamlines workflow, and keeps your team organized. Above all, it supports your team to focus on what it does best: grow your business, build relationships, and get stuff done. Most importantly it helps your team focus on what's most important (your clients and contacts), and makes them that much happier at their job.

In a recent study, 70% of staff said poorly performing technology is a drain on their productivity rates. Poor technology is also demotivating and results in higher employee churn.

Full Integration

Rockhopper CRM gives our valued clients the flexibility to integrate our CRM system with third party apps, opening up and expanding the abilities of your team. The benefits of this are twofold: firstly, they can do a much better job than before and are far more equipped to deal with customer requests. Instantly, you'll see happier customers and a better quality of service – which is definitely worth more! Secondly, integrating third party apps can open up a whole new range of skills that the business didn't previously have. These skills and abilities can be translated into new services and add-ons – such as credit checks and price comparisons.


Rockhopper CRM is a Cloud model that is fully customizable. The Rockhopper CRM team spent over two decades creating business systems for sales, service, finance, technical and work-flows. This experience has yielded the know-how to customize Rockhopper CRM modules to support unique business methodologies and processes.

If you need custom tailored reports and snapshots or if you're compelled to maintain your legacy accounting systems that your employees and clients already understand, Rockhopper CRM is your solution.

  • Performs extensive application and reporting customization.
  • Follows your business workflow process
  • Integrates consumer web applications
  • Integrates legacy systems

"One of the most important differentiating features of Rockhopper CRM is the ability for Computer Alli to customize any part of Rockhopper CRM to meet your specific business process needs. Just contact us free of charge and we will consult with you on the best way to handle your needs and provide a proposal free of charge to enhance your Rockhopper CRM intranet for your company."

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