Features and Modules overview:

Rockhopper CRM takes your work-flow processes and seamlessly integrates them into a easy to use browser based application for your teams. From sales and marketing work-flow processes to services and support workflows Rockhopper CRM will provide the tools to make your people more efficient and effective.

Our product was designed to make it easy for your entire team to access, share and update your company data from anywhere with any device.


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Contact Manager

This is the heart of our CRM. From prospects and customers/accounts to vendors and employees, all contacts and accounts are located here.

  • Track all contact details as well as historical activities and future task list
  • Store important dates like anniversaries and birthdays to all correspondence for sales and service.
  • Connect related contacts that are associated with the same accounts
  • Group contacts as well as set up multiple product lines for tracking ups sales and cross sales.
  • GEO coding inside of the CRM is very powerful and can place any contact on to Google maps using longitude and latitude coordinates.

Activities/Task Management and Calendar Integration

The activities module is the communication hub which ties all correspondence back to contacts, from calls, meetings,task, and other custom activities. Provide all of these benefits to every individual in your business with no additional charge.

  • Document historical and future activities
  • Connect activities to Projects, opportunities and even time-sheets with in the application.
  • Integrate directly with Microsoft Exchange server and Google Calendar.
  • Maximize productivity with access to Rockhopper optimized for all of the mobile devices you use every day.
  • Maintain productivity while on the road, with or without connectivity.
  • Configure the mobile experience to match your individual business needs and branding.

Sales Opportunities

Use Rockhopper CRM to manage potential business in your sales funnel.

  • Create opportunities to define the value of the business
  • Manage pipelines and associated activity sets
  • Opportunity funnel stages and categories
  • Track probability of winning
  • Forecast close dates
  • Opportunity reports give a top down view of the health of your business

Document Manager

Access documents anytime, anywhere – a home office, on the road, in an airport, or at corporate - because all documents are stored in one online repository. Documents can be shared or they can be assigned to a specific contact. Rockhopper integrates the drive mapping with Windows File Manager, so selections of folder and file systems are intuitive to users.


Time Tracking

One of the most powerful uses of the Rockhopper CRM real time invoicing system is the ability to track the amount of time devoted to each step of a client interaction. By tracking the time your operations staff spends logged in to a customer's account, Rockhopper CRM provides back end resources for your accounting department to analyze billable hours devoted to each client, project by project.


Custom Reports

Our Legacy Reports include nine (# of) reports for Sales Opportunities and Activities (tasks and events) and include basic graphs.

Our Advanced Reports allow you to create custom, tabular reports. Advanced logic filters help you narrow your report criteria, and you can include report categories and add summaries to a row of calculations. Report scheduling and Smart Alerts are also available on paid plans.


Help Desk/Cases


3rd party Integrations

Extend the power and reach of Rockhopper CRM! Connect with 3rd party products for integrations with hundreds of popular business tools and apps.

Quickly and easily set up connections between Rockhopper and MS Exchange/®, Google Calendar, MS Dynamics, and much more. Coming soon: Integration with Google Drive and QuickBooks®


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